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CANTINA LILLIU The passion for good wine, in the heart of Marmilla

In the center of Sardinia, in the territory called Marmilla because of the particularity of the hills, is Cantina Lilliu, a winery of great value.
The vineyards, planted in the countryside of Ussaramanna ( a few kilometers from the Nuraghe of Barumini), are arranged in espalier and cultivated according to the method of synergistic agriculture. According to this philosophy, the farmer interacts and collaborates with the plants, without any kind of forcing, but being content with the product that nature gives.

Cantina Lilliu does not use chemicals: no herbicides, no pesticides and no artificial fertilizers. The vines are followed and cared for with natural strategies that protect and strengthen the plant.

The winery organizes winery tours and tastings in the rolling hills where the vineyard is planted.

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